Newsletters & Past Meetings

February 2013
TOPIC: Scion Wood Exchange,
grafting demonstration
August 2013
TOPIC: HLB and Biological Control of Pests
Mark Hoddle
April 2013
TOPIC: Jim Bathgate on Grafting Techniques and fruit
October 2013
TOPIC: Category: GeneralGarden Tour at Dave Szymkowski's Residence
June 2013
TOPIC: Category: GeneralTour of the Huntingtion Ranch
The Huntington Botanical Gardens
January 2012
TOPIC: Scion Wood Exchange,
grafting demonstration
August 2012
TOPIC:  Mangos
Jim Neitzel 
April 2012
TOPIC:  UCR Citrus Variety Collection Tour in Riverside
 October 2012
TOPIC: Pomegranates,
David Silverstein
June 2012
Craig Ledbetter 
December 2012
TOPIC: Olive Curing
February 2011
TOPIC: Scion Wood Exchange,
grafting demonstration
August 2011
TOPIC: Bananas Jon Verdick's Slides See event pictures here
April 2011
TOPIC: Mandarin Retrospective
 October 2011
TOPIC: Apples for Warm Climates,
Kevin Hauser, Kuffel Creek
June 2011
Garden Gathering @
Rod Kiewiet's House
December 2011
Glen Woodmansee
February 2010
TOPIC: Jujubes &
scion exchange
August 2010
TOPIC: CRFG Festival of Fruit
April 2010
TOPIC: Beneficial Insects
October 2010
TOPIC: Los Angeles Smart Gardening
June 2010
TOPIC: Organic Gardening
December 2010
TOPIC: Persimmons
February 2009
TOPIC: Tom Spellman and
Annual Scion Exchange
August 2009
TOPIC: Fertilizers
April 2009
TOPIC: Irrigation, Edibles & Insects
October 2009
TOPIC: Fruit Drying
June 2009
TOPIC: Mason Bees
December 2009
TOPIC: LA Arboretum Tour
February 2008
TOPIC: Pest Detection and
Annual Scion Exchange
August 2008
April 2008
TOPIC: Field Trip to
LaVerne Nursery
October 2008
TOPIC: Bees and Honey
June 2008
TOPIC: Passion Fruit
December 2008
TOPIC: Strawberries
February 2007
TOPIC: Grafting Demo and
Annual Scion Exchange
August 2007
TOPIC: UC Cooperative Extension
Common Ground Program
April 2007
TOPIC: Avocados
October 2007
TOPIC: Jules Dervaes
Path To Freedom
June 2007
TOPIC: Field trip to
Cal Poly Pomona
December 2007
February 2006
TOPIC: Cherimoya and
Annual Scion Exchange
August 2006
TOPIC: Fruit and Health
April 2006 October 2006
TOPIC: Mulberries
June 2006
TOPIC:  Soil Amendments
December 2006
TOPIC: Pitahaya
February 2005
TOPIC: Annual Scion Exchange
August 2005
April 2005
October 2005
TOPIC: Recap of Festival of Fruit
June 2005 December 2005
TOPIC: Pruning Fruit Trees
February 2004
TOPIC:  Annual Scion Exchange
August 2004
TOPIC: Recap Festival of Fruit
April 2004
TOPIC: Arboretum Fruit Orchard
October 2004
June 2004
TOPIC: Bananas
December 2004
TOPIC: Worms and Composting
October 2003
TOPIC: Tree People
December 2003
TOPIC: Mandarins

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